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2022 Starboard Carve Wood Sandwich

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    Where it all comes together

    The Carve 2022 packs easy planing, control and autopilot jibes into one board.
    What else would you want?

    2022 brings four new sizes and shapes to our iconic Carve line up, delivering full freeride performance over all conditions. 99 and 109 are our new low volume shapes, with 159 and 169 our latest additions for lighter winds. The Carves are fast, but stay in total control, jibe beautifully, plane easily and just remain planing. Inspired by our test-winning Ignite freestyle board, we added extra volume to the tail, while featuring an extra-long flat bottom shape that helps to increase the ease of planing. It is super exciting to experience how confidently these new boards ride!

    We developed the Carve 99 for riders looking for the best ever high wind freeride experience and we are so happy to offer you a board to make you smile with every chop you fly over. It’s sensational when fully powered up and you just keep on accelerating harder with every gust.
    And of course this 99 really carves. Thinner, responsive rails keep you connected to the water and slicing through the curves in every water condition.
    Want to get airborne? The aerodynamic nose lets you fly and remain at top speed with full control.
    Inside strap option for control and outside straps for full power.

    Expand your expectations before taking the Carve 109 for a ride. Redefine the joy of freeriding; from initial acceleration to flying across the water in full control, all the while wondering why it’s so easy to go so fast! It’s a unique sensation where flat water and chop all become the perfect terrain. Push it as hard as you want downwind, reaching or upwind, relaxed and perfectly balanced on the contoured standing area. Jibing feels like you’re on autopilot; the hip outline in the mid section allowing you to make a snap jibe or wide arc, both with full speed and control in the exit.
    This board is the most fun freeride board we have ever developed. We hope you get the chance to try it.

    The 119 is a little speed bomb that flies over crazy chop while in full control. The shape is relatively wide providing accelerating power, while the thinned out rails carve up jibes. This machine is an ideal choice for everyone that enjoys the exhileration of higher wind freeride and might even want to join the DefiWind or other fun events. Enjoy this explosive smooth riding sensation.

    The 129 is where it all came together, surprising us with its early take-off into a fun ride with high acceleration. The 129 can be driven onto the fin for that free sensation while the ease of entering a high speed jibe is just as good as the acceleration out of the jibe. It bridges light and medium winds perfectly well. Simply as good as it gets. With that extra spice!139

    The 139 has strong genetics from the test winning 2020 Carve 133. Super early-planing and an amazing top-end speed, despite its generous width. Thicker rails forward help acceleration out of jibes and the recessed deck keeps the board in full control when the wind picks up for real. 139 is a board that gets you way more water time than any other freeride board, yet delivers the whole fun factor when fully powered up. A highly recommended board choice.

    Is the Carve 159 perhaps the best board we ever made ? It glides automatically onto a plane with a flat bottom from the tail to beyond your front foot. You’ll love the smooth ride even in rough water, combined with a remarkable top end speed once locked in and flying on the iSonic inspired tail. Going into a jibe, enjoy how the board just wants to turn intuitively on its special Carve hip outline, while increased tail volume slingshots you back out on the exit and on to the next run.

    Automatic planing, light riding sensation and total jibe control. Step onboard, feel the Carve 169’s easy nature and enjoy the ultimate forgiving ride. With the footstrap position set inside and forward, you get started in planing mode right away. Tested positively over a wide range of sails from sails from 5.5 to 9m2, it always delivers a balanced feel.
    With straps set in the outboard back position, you feel quite an exciting speed sensation. Our highest recommended entry level freeride board ever.

    We developed the Starlite Carbon Construction to answer our quest for a construction that would combine four crucial factors: Performance, Durability, Value and Low Environmental Impact. The result is a great combination, delivering strongly on all four criteria with direct, responsive onwater feel and no compromise on your riding comfort.

    Volume Length Width Fin Weight Sail Range
    99lts 238cm 64cm Drake Freeride Power 34 6.8kg 4-7m2
    109lts 238cm 67cm Drake Freeride Power 36 7kg 4.5-7.5m2
    119lts 238cm 71.5cm Drake Freeride Power 38 7.4kg 5-8m2
    129lts 238cm 76cm Drake Freeride Power 40 8.07kg 5.5-8.5m2
    139lts 240cm 80cm Drake Freeride Power 44 8.75kg 6-9m2
    159lts 225cm 81cm Drake Freeride Power 46 9.2kg 6-9m2
    169lts 258cm 84cm Drake Freeride Power 48 9.6kg 6.5-9.5m2

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