2018 Tushingham Dino 2 Piece Windsurfing Mast

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A true high performance mast for kids. Built using a hand laid 60% carbon, pre-preg’ laminate construction, the Dino allows us to build a junior and youth rig that will react in a way that’s not possible on a conventional spar.
The Dino is based on the narrow RDM diameter but is far softer, for a perfect fit with the specially cut Dino sail. Durable, but exceptionally light, the Dino mast and rig opens our sport to the younger generation. It’s perfect for kids of all standards and abilities.

  • Pre-preg construction
  • 60% carbon content
  • The Dino is recommended for all Dino sails and most youth rigs. It's suitable for the following applications, KIDS ONLY - not for adult use!