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2021 RRD Pocket Rocket 200

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    We have worked on an unique board for windfoiling as we wanted to develop an innovative and modern concept for light wind. We realized that the length of the board could be reduced. Only by doing it you can actually have more maneuverability and a huge advantage in transport.
    The shorter board greatly reduces frictions and increases the feeling of adrenaline. The potential in light wind is greater as you don’t need a bigger size than a 6.0 sail to foil with 8 knots of wind.
    Furthermore the ease in transport. A short board takes up far less space in the car, making it more comfortable to carry around.
    Roberto Ricci:
    “180 cm of length is a total breakthrough as it is the most fun and accessible foil board, it flyes earlier than all the other boards we have tried, stays up foiling longer and easier and is still floating perfectly when uphauling a big sail.”
    This board is one of the biggest eye opener we had in a really long time. We called it POCKET ROCKET.

    The combination of the Pocket Rocket with our WH ALU FLIGHT 85 hydrofoil is a fantastic mix of early planing, long “floating/foiling” characteristics even when the wind drops, super easy to come off the water under the slightest pumping action on the rig. This is our best freeride combination for those who prefer control and speed with the lightest conditions.

    • Maximum maneuverability and transport convenience
    • Accessible to everyone
    • The thick rails all the way from the tail to the nose provides the volume to float in the lightest wind and uphaul any size of sail
    • Deck concave and full EVA pad for top class comfort
    • Easy carry HANDLE on the bottom to facilitate the transport of the board, rig and foil to the water
    • Deck HANDLE for board only transport
    • Tuttle head foil box for windfoiling
    • Convertible to SUP FOIL thanks to the US FOIL FIN BOX

    We found that this release point on the ‘outside flats’ just in front of the cut-outs is very sensitive with big differences achieved from small
    modifications during the development process. This is the ultimate key to how the slalom board:
    • Trims
    • Accelerates
    • Gybes
    • Through meticulous testing methods performed over a wide variety of conditions with our new ‘Contact Patch’, we found a massive increase in overall performance with the following points being achieved:
    • Increased top end speed especially in flatter water
    • Clear acceleration boost especially in the gusts
    • Easier to plant the rail harder into a racing gybe
    • More comfortable ride over the chop, the new design ‘eats’ the waves
    • The ability to use smaller fins = less drag
    • Less back-leg pressure especially when going more downwind

    Volume Length Width Weight
    120ts 180cm 76cm 9.1kg
    140lts 200cm 80cm 10.3kg

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