Black Project Classic Freestyle 16 cm Windsurfing Fin

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Black Project Classic Freestyle 16 cm used windsurf fin in good condition.

The Freestyle Classic windsurfing fin is in keeping with the Black Project Fins ethos for radical and progressive designs. We wanted to make a no compromise freestyle fin that would enable expert and pro freestyle riders to push the limits and experiment with new radical moves. The fin has been tested here on Maui, Europe and on the PWA and EFPT tours so that you get the ultimate fin. The fin is designed to give you speed and control so that the most technical and radical moves are possible even in the most challenging conditions. The Freestyle Classic fin gives you a secure and natural feeling underfoot enabling you to go for full power and be as radical as you dare. Available in 15, 16, 17, 18 & 19cm the fin is ideal for pro riders in the smaller sizes while the larger sizes give the recreational freestyler more confidence.