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As our E-Tech Powder board the Scout has been designed to allow any rider to effortlessly maneuver bottomless powder like a pro.

Our full Poplar wood core keeps weight down whilst the softer flex provides an easier ride so whether you're an experienced powder hound or finding your first lines you‰۪ll be able to take charge of the mountain.

10mm of taper from the nose to the tail increases maneuverability making the Scout nimble through the trees whilst the wider nose won't sink when you reach an open powder field. A setback stance combined with radial sidecuts also allows you to dig trenches on hardpack and keep up with the best of them. The lower profile tail has been designed for optimum stability without impacting float, meaning it drops into softer snow to lift the nose. Combine this with our Hover Camber profile and you'll be surfing fresh powder like the pros.

Seamless Sidewalls also get upgraded to version 2 which utilizes a better manufacturing method that produces less waste while keeping the incredible vibration and impact absorbing properties of our infused urethane design. This is all finished off with The Channel mounting system for infinite stance adjustment.

Tested and proven in the Whistler backcountry, the Scout is the quiver addition for riders seeking new untracked lines.

Hover Camber
Hover Camber is featured exclusively on our Powder Quiver range. It combines traditional camber behind the front foot to the tail with an elongated early rise out to the nose. This raises the nose out of soft snow and allows the tail to sink in so you can surf effortlessly through the soft stuff.

Construction: E-Tech
Shape: Directional
Flex: Stiff
Core: Full Poplar Woodcore
Fibreglass: Biax Weave
Base: P-Tex 900
Topsheet: TPU Matte/Gloss Blend
Additional Features:     The Channel™, Seamless Sidewalls V2, Rockwell 48 Edges, Rubber Dampening
Warranty:     Endeavor 1 Year Warranty