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The Slayblade is the stiffest board in K2's lineup, impressively stiff. While many boards end up being softer than companies claim them to be, this IS NOT to be the case with the Slayblade. stiff board for the added stability at high speed, with a nice flex

The updated Slayblade is also heavier, since the board uses a new construction, Hybritech, instead of the previous Hybrilite. The new Hybritech construction is supposed to beef up the board and make it a bit stiffer than before, while also incorporating a true sidewall along most of the edge along the board's camber.

Another big change to the new Slayblade is the board's Lifted Baseline technology. The board is basically flat toward the tip and tail, but has lifted inserts on either side so the board is raised up underfoot, simulating camber.

The idea behind this lifted design is that it attempts to maintain the benefits of having a flat board underfoot, while also providing some of the perks of a cambered board.

Fast strong, powerful full on Free ride board