O'SHEA HDX ISUP 10'6" Stand Up Paddleboard Package - 2019

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The 10'6" is perfect for taking out in both flat water whether thats your local lake or your river the or those small ocean waves that you could never catch with a surf board that are all in a days work for an inflatable SUP. Where ever you want to go the Inflatable will work with its double thickness rails and the highest quality Korean drop stitch fabric making for a super strong core the O'shea is one of the most Durable Inflatables on the market today.
The O'shea inflatable SUP uses 4 3/4" thick drop stitch fabric which is not unique to O'shea but not widely incorporated into SUPs . The extra 2cm of thickness makes the board 35 % stiffer both longitudinally and tortionally which adds up to much better performance .
The extra depth allows the boards to be used at lower pressure , typicaly 13 to 15 psi rather than the more common 15 to 20 psi . The lower amount of pressure is far more achievable with the high pressure pump supplied ,


  • Upto 20% lighter
  • Rolls up smaller
  • no loss of strength or stiffness
  • Airtight PVC outer
  • Less surface wrinkles
  • Better glide on glassy days
  • Repair kit
  • front tow + rear leash eyes
  • Removable Fin Setup
    O'SHEA HDX ISUP 10'6" Package Specifications:
      • Length - 10'6"
      • Width - 34"
      • Thickness - 4.75"
      • Volume - 260 litre