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Ridden by team riders like Louif Paradis and Jed Anderson the District is a full on, Ultra tech Freestyle orientated All -Mountain binding that you can really put through its paces. The Flex and amazing feel from ShadowFit teamed with the flex in the District High back gives lightning response and really lets you push out tweeks and press butters so easily. The Kevlar Quickwire in the ShadowFit adds tonnes more response and make it feel very natural when moving turn to turn and is super strong as well. SCS and EVA in the footbeds gives loads of cushioning and adds edge to edge power transmission that feels smooth and slick. Asym Ankle straps lock your foot well in there and Lock-In Toe straps hold the foot at the back of the binding were it should be. A proper All over the mountain destroyer of a binding this is one for folks who want to push the creative side of there riding any were on the mountain with a awesome fitting, reliable, tool free adjusting binding.

  • Flex Rating: 5
  • Baseplate: Shadow Fit Baseplate, Kevlar Quickwire, Composite 30%, ADJ Toe Ramp, Universal Disc, IMS
  • Highback: District
  • Padding: SCS - Full EVA
  • Straps: 3D Asym Supreme Ankle Strap, Locked In Deluxe Toe Strap, Miro-Max Strap Adjustments
  • Buckles: Powerglide Aluminium Buckles