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Simmer SX10 Carbon Boom

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    The SX10 boom is designed to give your rig with the most direct, responsive and light feel possible. The boom is the link between the rider and the rig and it much defines its performance. The SX10 is manufactured from the highest quality pre-preg carbon available in both the body and tail extension. Most modern carbon booms are pre-preg but what is crucial to the performance is the quality of carbon and how the layup is designed. For optimal strength to weight ratio we use inner layers of uni-directional carbon along the boom arm to create extreme stiff spine. On the outside of the carbon tubing we use a carbonfiber weave to make the boom extremely strong. This makes SX10 boom incredible stiff, light and strong. This sandwich technique is much like the layup technique seen in our board construction.

    For maximum riding comfort the SX10 features a super thin grip. We vary the diameter used according to the discipline; 26mm for the wave boom, 27mm on the 180-slalom boom, and 29mm on the two larger sizes of the slalom boom. The outline is developed specifically for each size to promote the best rig dynamics possible.

    The tail piece on the SX10 140 and 150 comes equipped with a loop system for quick and easy outhaul setting. On the 180, 200 and 220 the tail piece are equipped with a integrated roller trim system.

    The Simmer boom head is designed for maximum grip to the mast. With a high friction contact surface against the mast, a robust rope hook and a boom lever that allows you to effortless apply high-tension when securing the boom to its correct position.

    For absolute pro performance, choose the SX10.

    Each hole in the tail-end is integrated into the mould in production. Compared to drilled holes in the tail, moulded holes creates a stronger and stiffer structure. A unique feature on the SX10 140, 150 and 180 booms.

    External tail fittings provide two main advantages compared to a integrated fitting solution:
    1. Lower weight.
    2. Stronger tail end. No weak points in the mould.

    The SX10 200-250 and 220-270 features a outside fitted tail end with increased diameter. This makes these longer of booms incredible stiff and very light-weight. It also allows for a generous adjustment range, with maintained stiffness even when extended to the max.


    The Simmer boom head is designed for maximum grip to the mast. With a high friction contact surface against the mast, the boom will stay in place even during hard landings. A robust rope hook for superb stability and a boom lever that allows you to effortless apply tension when securing the boom to its correct position. On the SX10 140, 150, 180 the boom head includes a RDM adapter.

    For presice load distrubtion the SX boom series all feature the double pin lock system for a stiff connection between the boom body and tail end, even when maximally extended.

    The outline and width of the tail are crucial for the rig to deliver the right balance between power and control. The outline on the 140 and 150 booms are designed specifically for the wavesails with a wider tail and closer riding position in the front. The 180 and 200 booms are designed for control in high-wind and the outline on the 220 SX10 is designed to generate power in light-wind. A wider tail generates more power and a more narrow tail piece more control. This position varies with the wind strength and windsurfing discipline, therefor each boom size have been developed individually.

    Size Min Max Diameter Construction
    140 140cm 200cm 26mm Carbon
    150 180cm 210cm 26mm Carbon
    180 180cm 240cm 27mm Carbon
    200 200cm 250cm 27mm Carbon
    220 220cm 270cm 29mm Carbon

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