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2023 JP Wing Air SE Foil Board

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    Our pure wing foil inflatable. The compact hull and JP’s superior construction provide a stiff feel when flying on the foil. It is super user friendly because it provides all advantages of inflatables: comfortable and smooth on your skin and knees, light and small for easy transport and storage. More on inflatables? See below...

    There is no better JP board when it comes to pleasurable, enjoyable and hassle-free winging in light winds. Pure wing foiling fun!

    Top recommendation: The NeilPryde Glide foil fits perfectly and is our first choice – the Glide Wind for beginners and/or heavy weights (for its ease, control and steady lift), the Glide Surf for light and/or advanced riders (for its agility and life).

    The two sizes from last year (5’4”x27.5” and 6’0”x28.5”) are now partnered with a smaller 5’0”x27.5”. All boards feature footstrap positions for wing-foiling and foiling.

    Inflatables have clear advantages over hardboards: They are super comfortable and user friendly as they are easy to transport and store. These JP inflatable wing foil boards are specially developed and equipped for early take-off, featuring hard rails, Triple Layer Composite Drop Stitch and more. Additionally, they come in JP’s superior welded technology.

    Welded Technology: This heat-welded connection was introduced last year and proved to be successful. It creates a very strong mechanical joint that literally fuses two parts into one and thus is superior to the standard gluing. This welding process of amalgamating two different layers into one makes the board safer, lighter and stiffer.

    Hard Rails: In the tail, the specially developed, super clean hard rails are covered by a fibre reinforced layer of PVC cloth and create a smooth and efficient water release. Thus, the board picks up speed to take-off easily. Touchdowns are smooth and comfortable.

    Triple Layer: They come with Pre-Laminated Triple Layer Composite Drop Stitch, Fibre Reinforced Stringers in deck and bottom and Welded Rails and will surprise you with their stiffness.

    Track Foil Plate: The board features a Track Foil Plate of the same size as on our hard boards providing a big range of foil placement. The G10 material adds additional longitudinal stiffness to the hull. On the other hand, this plate is not too long – thus you don’t need an oversized bag but it can still be folded easily into a normal size SUP backpack.

    Footstraps: The boards come with three easy-to-mount footstraps for wing foiling.

    Comfort: The soft hull is covered with a large, slip-proof EVA sheet for unmatched comfort and a safe stance. You also don’t have to worry about mistakes anymore because you won’t get hurt when falling on it.

    Transport and Storage: Rolled up, the boards fit into a backpack – no more need for a car with roof rack for transport or a big garage for storage. In times when airlines are hesitant to accept windsurf equipment, the boards’ backpack dimensions are a major advantage!

    * 3 straps
    * Pump
    * Repair set
    * User manual
    * Backpack

    Reduced foil track depth [13mm]. Make sure to use the right screw length for your plate mount system!
    MAX screw length = 13mm + Plate Thickness

    All JP foil boards come without screws to attach the foil.
    Reason: The screw length has to match the plate thickness which varies from foil and brand, so, screws are provided by the foil brand.
    Unlike the JP hard boards, the WingAir and the FreeFoilAir have a different a G10-track-plate requiring shorter screws.
    The standard NP Surf Plate M8x28 screws are too long but NeilPryde offers fitting screws: M8x18 with allen key head.

    • Triple Layer Composite Drop Stitch
    • Deck and bottom PVC reinforcement
    • Smooth and comfortable touchdowns
    • Level of performance comparable to a composite board
    • Foil use only
    Length Width Volume Thickness Weight
    5'0 26.5" 100lts 5" 15.9lbs
    5'4 27.5" 110lts 5" 17lbs
    6'0 28.5" 130lts 5" 18.6lbs

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