Adjustable Outhaul Kit - all fleets

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**Please note we have different size plastic wraps (grey and brown) please state when ordering

Our adjustable outhaul racing kit is suitable for all disciplines of windsurfing and will fit all booms from the most basic alloy through to Neilpryde's X9 full carbon boom. We supply enough rope length to suit all sizes of rig, this can be tailor made to suit your individual requirements.

We can fit this system to any boom you purchase online, just let us know in the comments section of the cart or you can order online and bring your boom into the shop and we can do it while you wait.


4 meters of 5mm Powerline

2 meters of 4mm Formula Line (Dynema)

1 meter of 2mm Tensioning Elastic

  • Clamcleat boom mounting cleats
  • Holt pulleys
  • Genuine Formula Line (Dynema) 4mm
  • Marlow Powerline 5mm
  • Tensioning elastic 2mm